These are the images the media should be reporting

I am experiencing a pain in my heart for all the victims of the tragedy at Newtown.  I don't turn on the news, because I don't want to know more about the mind of a sociopath.  I don't want to hear his name or see his face and I am not going to even mention it here.  I don't want to hear how homeschooling, mothers, parents, autism or frankly even guns are to blame for this disgusting crime.  I especially don't want to see the anguish and terror that the survivors have experienced or will continue to experience till who knows when.  What I want the media to report are images like these:

(since I don't know the victims first hand, I am imagining what I would want plastered in print and pictures for all the world to see if those 20 children were mine, because they could have been any of ours)

  • The sweet scent of baby's milky breath on a Daddy's cheek when he lay on the couch exhausted, mouth open, warm bundle of baby on his chest.
  • Moms feeding newborns with bleary eyes, touseled hair, yoga pants and t-shirts.
  • Splattered carrots or cake from fingertips to toes and nose as baby grows big enough to "feed" herself.
  • The first birthday photos with moms politely opening all the presents as the baby cries and squeals.
  • Padded bottom waddles of the new toddler arms outstretched 'comin atcha' and a single tooth grin to light the world.
  • Four year old, fair hair floating like dandelion fuzz around a cherub face, pink from warm water and suds.
  • Cowlicky hair wet flat on a freckle faced head.
  • Gleeful faces of boys riding bikes and checking out their "awesome skid!!"
  • Cuties cuddling family dogs and cats (or more likely dragging them around by whatever means manageable)
  • The effervescent giggles that the word "underwear" stimulates in any self respecting 6 year old.
  • The smell of sweaty first graders and snowclothes.
  • Millions of lego towers, lego cars, lego creations and their most amazing builders.
  • "I Lov u MOM and DAD" written millions of ways by just learning readers and writers.
  • Blob people and amoeba people with legs hung on refrigerators.
  • Sparkly toed shoes, curls, and ribbons, and mom's lipstick all over her face.
  • Paper chains hanging all over the world.
  • Sleepy people eyes and crazy bedhead coming down the stairs.
  • Globs of young soccerplayers following a ball around a field.
  • Children's Soprano voices filling the room. .  ."Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun, please shine down on me" 
  • Children heads together reading their first words side by side, "whether their black, brown, blonde, or red"
  • Children Wide eyed, mouths open.  Kiddos watching delighted and amazed, as a butterfly hatches, and then as it flies skyward.
  • I could go on and on and on and on. . .
Is this really too much to ask in a civilized society?  Even after such a tragedy as this?  If we have to sensationalize something let it be Life.  Let it be Life and Love and Children in all their innocent glory shrinking every horrible thought and image to oblivion, smothering the horror with love.

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