Moment to create

The kids are all off with summer friends, playing volleyball, hanging around.  I remember a few other moms talking about this a couple years ago.  The day when their kids were no longer hanging around camp looking for parents to entertain them. 

So, here I sit, somewhere between relaxing and waiting, not quite sure what to do with myself now that the flurry of packing and driving and unpacking is done.  The sun is setting and the sounds of kids playing volleyball on the beach, new and familiar voices catch my attention for a moment.

I sit in the cool clear air with a favorite pen and a toothy thick paper to sketch what I see.  The view of the lake and bog from the yard always capture may attention... I just start looking at shapes and shadows and before I know it, the boys have wandered back up from the beach and I realize my daughter won't wander home until I wander to the neighbor's to fetch her.  

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