Too Early Morning

I woke around 4 am to the sound of hard rain hammering the roof.  My brain kicked on and I found myself unable to get back to sleep.  Every sound, every thought grabbing my attention and not letting go. 

So I got up and read for a while, holding off to the respectable hour of 5 am to boil water for tea, hoping not to wake the entire family.  For awhile more, I sipped and read.  

Then, hoping to fend off the 'woke way too early' ache in my head, I closed my eyes for a bit.  When I opened them again, this is the morning that greeted me.  Lovely, silver and gold glowing across the lake. 

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dawn sherriff said...

I hate the "woke too early" ache in the the head! Taking the time to rest your eyes and ease the ache was time well spent - that image, your reward! Hope the day is good one!