Lagging Skills- Dr.Ross Greene

The following list is taken from Lost at School  a book by Dr.Ross Greene, also author of The Explosive Child, (with his permission) 
The first time I saw this list, I thought "Oh I wish I had this list in the beginning"  because I personally do much better with a concrete list to look at and say "Oh yes that is a concern." or "Oh no that is not a problem." than trying to pull concerns out of thin air.  I can see my childrens' profiles pretty quickly this way and I can see my own and my husbands and . . ., whoa!  No wonder it feels like I live in a madhouse!

List of Lagging Skills
  • Difficulty handling transitions, shifting from one mind-set or task to another.
  • Difficulty doing things in a logical sequence or prescribed order.
  • Difficulty persisting on challenging or tedious tasks
  • Poor sense of time
  • Difficulty reflecting on multiple thoughts or ideas simultaneously
  • Difficulty maintaining focus
  • Difficulty considering the likely outcomes or consequences of actions (impulsive)
  • Difficulty considering a range of solutions to a problem
  • Difficulty expressing concerns, needs, or thoughts in words
  • Difficulty understanding what is being said
  • Difficulty managing emotional response to frustration so as to think rationally
  • Chronic irritability and or anxiety significantly impede capacity for problem-solving or heighten frustration.
  • Difficulty seeing the "grays"/concrete, literal, black-and-white thinking.
  • Difficulty deviating from rules, routine
  • Difficulty handling unpredictability, ambiguity, uncertainty, novelty
  • Difficulty shifting from original idea, plan or solution
  • Difficulty taking into account situational factors that would suggest the need to adjust a plan of action
  • Inflexible, inaccurate interpretations/cognitive distortions or biases (e.g., "Everyone's out to get me,' "Nobody likes me," "You always blame me," "It's not fair," "I'm stupid")
  • Difficulty attending to and-or accurately interpreting social cues/ poor perception or social nuances
  • Difficulty starting conversations, entering groups, connection with people/lacks other basic social skills
  • Difficulty seeking attention in appropriate ways
  • Difficulty appreciating how one's behavior is affecting other people
  • Difficulty empathizing with others, appreciating another person's perspective or point of view.
  • Difficulty appreciating how one is coming across or being perceived by others

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