Works in Progress

 This balancing act called life, requires me (and maybe some of you?) to look at just about everything I do as a work in progress.  So, I sometimes lose sight of the  little chunks that I can complete in a short time as I get lost in the wave of the big picture.  For instance, I think in terms of the "never ending housework", instead of focusing on the little accomplishments, small acts I can accomplish in a short time; empty the dishwasher. . .check; make bed. . .check; sweep floor. . .check.  I think to myself "I need to excercise", instead of "I will take a walk today".  So starting now I will list some of my works in progress (not including my actual children-they have their own separate list- *smirk*) I have been told by fellow listmakers it feels good to check things off as they are completed, so I will add some of those too, I like to feel good.

Works In Progress

  • Hand and footprint door. (I like this one because I can go months or a year without thinking about it and then in ten minutes. . .check- for another year)
  • Letters to my children.  (I like to do this before I go to sleep at night whenever I feel like it, but have stalled because the paper supply in my nightstand has run out)
  • NOTE TO SELF:  Restock Bedside Paper Supply.
  • Photo and Memory Albums.  (I finally updated Lila's so she has pictures from birth to 2 1/2__When the boys' books began to get behind, I started buying smaller books :)
  • Basement Laundry Craft Area:  (Yes this space in my house is a work in progress.  About two years ago I made a vow to create a less messy, more functional laundry and craft area-they are visually connected, but not practical to mix too closely the clean clothes and paints, glues, and miscellaneous muck and froo froo)
  • The cellar stairway.  (This path from kitchen to basement has been the catchall for miscellaneous items of both high and non existent utility--from empty coffee cans and oatmeal boxes, to vacume attatchments, drink coolers, and dust bunnies we have had it all--My goal is to make it pretty and functional)
    1. board up chimney wall.  check/ (Thank you handy husband)
    2. Build shelfs under stairs.  check/ (Thank you again handy husband and Pinterest for the idea)
    3. Paint all the above, plus stairs and other wall.  check/  (thanks me)
    4. Create a glass mosaic/mural on the back of the chimney alongside the cellar part of stairway.  (Glass scattered and shattered all over craft area, caution wear shoes!!  Small portion of mosaic on workspace, yet to be set in place or completed)
  • Complete Trim re-painting on windows and doors outside (only South and West have been done)
  • Gardening
    • hoophouse built- check
    • seeds started - check
    • new actual compost place--(not just a stinky garbage pile outback)--yet to come
    • compost/fertilize beds- not yet
    • create a cottage garden out of overrun perennial bed out front (in progress)
    • weed said cottage garden and others :)
    • eat veggies (need one easy one on the list)
  • Write poems- hmm. . .nothing new lately just the one I added finishing touches to yesterday from years ago.
  • Be sure Mount Clothesmore (stole this name from a friend- it is the perpetual pile of clean clothes that lives in my living room or bedroom depending on whether or not company is expected:) is put away completely before the winter clothes are needed again next fall.
  • Do yoga daily (right now I think of it daily, but doing it???)
  • Go for a walk daily__hmm does walking to the busstop count?  while pushing Lila's little 3 wheeler?
  • Write in blog, check. 
Ok, so there it is, my list of works in progress.  I am sure there are more, but a baker's dozen is good for now and this list is a work in progress.  Sun is out.  Time to go for a walk, or plant radishes, or play with three year old. . . yup.   That's what I will do.

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