Looking Up

I have been away from my blog for a few weeks, and have been getting into the new summer groove.  I am planning to resume my regular writing as of . . .now.  So here goes.

The summer is coasting along smoothly for my little family this summer.  Kids spashing, screaching, and stealthily scoping out frogs in the bog makes for a little bit of time for mom, to watch a cloud or two wisp over the blue summer sky, or listen to the warm summer breeze whisper through the trees. 

The best looking up moment though had to be on the Scarborough Beach (near Old Orchard Beach in ME)  Zeus's fireworks on the 4th of July were just absolutely breathtaking while we waited for the manmade display to begin.  Imagine yourself on a crescent of coastline, waves surging into shore.   Dark storm clouds looming and circling, lighting up and letting loose, then crawling away to sea just in time for the more colorful displays of weeping willows, rainbow fountains, blossoming sprays, and a unique display my son dubbed "barnacles".  (It really did look like barnacles! and we had spent the day at the beach climbing barnacle covered rock in search of hermit crabs and other tide pool loving critters. . .perhaps he had barnacles on his mind.)  The lightning continued at a safe distance dancing from cloud to cloud occasionally stretching to earth in a grand show even as all the fireworks around the crescent celebrated our freedoms.

I skedaddled home a day earlier than the rest of the family to an absolutely lovely job interview for a first grade teaching position.  Wow.  They provided water and mints, and a quiet place with music and a list of the questions they would be asking while I waited.  I was welcomed and the conversation rolled along nicely.  I left feeling good and feeling like, even if this isn't "the" job, (but I hope it is), things are "looking up".

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job, Amy! Great that you are interviewing ... and enjoying your summer! love from Clare (your sister in-law)