Two hardest things about going back to work. . .

Week one down, week two ready.  We survived!!

Honestly, the absolute easiest thing about going back to work for me so far is being at work.  The hard part is all the rest of it.  First hardest thing. . .  When on earth do people find time to cook and clean and do laundry?  Or should I say, When do people have time to hang out with their kiddos.  It seems like bedtime comes in a blink of an eye and I spend half our time together cooking supper.  I try to save any cleanup for after they are in bed.

So, Sunday I spent about three hours in the kitchen preparing french bread, eggplant parm from the garden, a gigantic shepherd's pie to eat during the week, and two apple pies.  Did anyone else notice it finally felt like fall?  ahhhhhhh.. ..baking weather.   Just trying to lessen the load during the week.

Ok, the second hardest part about being back at work is dressing up.  I've got to be honest people.  I love cotton!!!  I love jeans!!!  (especially the well worn kind)  I triple love cotton t-shirts.  I love bare feet.  I love comfy and often ugly shoes.

I don't like foo foo fashionista clothing made of rayon polyester blend or even silk, they make my skin crawl. I feel overheated, sticky, and yuck (especially in this summer that I thought till Sunday, would never end)  Shoes that are cute and comfy till I actually wear them all day, on my feet through recess, lunch duty, and umpty billion trips to various places in the school, can stay in the closet thanks.  I especially don't like last minute plans that result in me wearing a flowered skirt and silk blouse with a water stain (there since my shower that am) to the county fair, chili dogs and roller coasters while the sun burns down on me in it's final days of summer and swarms of people clad in cotton mill about in every direction.  

I am going to slide back in to my old cotton habits soon, maybe one cotton item, with one dressy item. . .
Hmmm. . . 

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