Eleven things you may not know about me

There has been a game? going around facebook, I was given the number 11, so here are 11 things you may not know about me:

1. Sometimes I think it would be great to live in a world where speaking wasn't required, then I realize I would miss listening to children talk. . . 

2. I was a cheerleader in HS. this was highly classified info, till an old classmate spilled the beans to my husband's best friend a few years ago ;-0
3. I was socially clueless in HS, and on and on 
4. ya know the odd guy in HS with facial hair and who was kicked out (often) for fighting. . .he considered me a friend because I smiled and said hi to him every day. He was actually a nice guy.
5. Having Joey was the most powerful experience in my life. I remember the day I realized that he had become a year old sumo wrestler on breast milk alone!
5. 2nd most powerful experience was managing to keep really regular yoga practice for over a year- felt like I could kick ass and take numbers 
6. I really miss YOGAAAAAA!!!
7. I taught aerobics through college, (not as great as YOGA) :-)

8. After being straight A honor student in HS I flunked out of UMASS and went on to study art at local CC, now I have AS, BA, and MA (don't give up peeps! find your path)
9. Ever since my Dad took me to see Scott Prior's art work I have been obsessed with noticing "light", Ferry beach, Maine has the most amazing mid day light I have ever seen. . .
10. I still think true "girl" friends are hard to find and baffling to keep---thank God for Sisters in Law---they are stuck with me!!
11. I have lived with my best friend for 22 years and we have been married for 17.

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