And the Giggling Ensues

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I was feeling pretty bad.  I had just grumbled at my daughter, basically for being a kid, while I was trying to do a tedious task on my computer.  To cheer her up I promised something fun. . .bubbles in the tub!  Then, I realized sadly while running the bath, there are NO bubbles in this house!  She burst into tears again.

In an instant, I transformed her dreaded hairbrush into a scandalously funny character reminding her to wash her hair and put conditioner in.  With an inconsistent accent that is a cross between a female version of Gru (from Dispicable Me) sprinkled with hints of attitude of Colette (from Ratatouille), and who knows what else?, the hairbrush came to life.  "Don't forget to vash yoa hayar and some condishonar too so you vont have all tangles in dat hayar."  A Giggle bubbles out of my daughter.  "Vat are ju laughing at, I vill reeeep out jor hayar, ju silly goose!"  Outright laughter.

In my own voice, shampoo in hand, come let me wash your hair. I began to scrub and said oh my goodness the brush is making me do it!  My arms are scrubbing like crazy! Brush, "Scrub it up ju grubby dub, vash your hayar."  The rinse and conditioning was peeled with laughter and smiles as was the brushing through tangles.  "Vat is dis?  No teaers?  Ju are supposed to be crying and vining right now ju rrascal, vat is goiiing on around heaar?"  Hysterics.  "Vy are ju laughing and not crying?"

Lila, "You are making me laugh, it doesn't hurt when I am having fun!!"


C.Crouch said...

Cute...mama's will do just about anything! I'll be sure to put your accented voice hairbrush in my toolbox to fix the whining and crying.

Carolyn said...

So cute! So much of being a mother and a teacher relies on being spontaneous and creative at the same time. I wish it was this easy to take my older kids' minds off of their disappointments!