Morning a musing and poem

I wake and have a cup of tea, but even that is a labor, to keep my eyes opened.  I try to get a jumpstart with icy cold water on my face, it helps my eyes to not feel quite as hot and heavy from sleep. . . Then, I sit in the cushy chair, while my husband sits drinking his coffee nearby, our feet touching on the stool between us.  We talk a bit about the day before or the day to come and then it is time to move.

Morning poem

Coffee and cold water
Eyes still heavy
Quiet, slow waking in the still darkness soft chair morning
Build sandwiches, 
stuff backpacks,
match socks, 
wake children, wash hair
Pull on pants
Where are my red shoes?
Stop arguing. 
Where's your coat it's only 15 degrees?!

1 comment:

Sonja said...

your mornings sound a lot like my mornings (except for the whole temperature thing!) enjoyed your slice!