For just a moment

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Amidst the chaos of the beginning of school, with coworkers bustling about the room, and darting in and out of conversations before the children arrived something drew my eye toward the high window. As the world around me whirred and moved, I sat staring and taking in the moment.  On the corner of the roof white with winter, two shining black crows sat upright preening and pecking at the snow, tall against the sliver of blue. . . only visible from my perch at the computer.  


writekimwrite said...

The way you described this I could just see it. This phrase especially "On the corner of the roof white with winter..." The contrast between the noise around you and the quiet of the scene was captured. Nice!

Rose Cappelli said...

Love the picture you painted and the use of the word "perch." Nice!

C.Crouch said...

That is nice that it captured your attention, if only for a moment. At least that piece of calmness in nature stayed with yur long enough that you sliced about it.