Breakfast Math Lesson-

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It is funny that Stacy mentioned using dialoge in a Slice today, as I had just decided a moment at my breakfast table this morning was post worthy!  

"I only see you guys every other day!"  exclaimed our youngest, five, to her older brothers, when she heard the boys will stay at Uncle Howard's tonight.  Charlie leaned back in his chair with his knee slung over the arm of the chair, his fork waved a piece of ham, as he replied, "Well, actually you see us everyday accept sometimes when we go help with sugaring."  "Yeah,"  Joey chimes in while stabbing another piece of fruit with his fork,  "'Every other day' is a pattern of days Lila, like 1,2,1,2,1,2."  Lila's face lights up, "I know a pattern! Blue, Red, Blue, Red!"  Charlie sits up, "Just so long as it repeats it's a pattern, even this is a pattern", still holding fork up, empty now, "fork, fork, fork, fork, fork,fork,fork,fork. . ." Joey mopped up the last of his egg with a piece of potato pancake, "yeah and ABCDE, ABCDE, ABCDE. ."  Lila holds her hands up in front of her turned to her nearest brother and told us, "I made a pattern at school yesterday!" She poked up her fingers one at a time as she said, "red, orange, yellow, red, orange, yellow, red, orange. . ." till she ran out of fingers.


nf said...

Capturing the small moments of dialogue between siblings is priceless, and yet it passes so quickly, I live how this challenge pushes us to slow down and take note! Sounds like you have a table filled with interesting conversation in your house.

I wonder how formatting this in a different way might make it easier for the reader to decipher who's speaking?

LInda Baie said...

I imagine they'll be teaching her for a very long time, perhaps even when she doesn't want to hear! Great you captured this 'lesson'!

Kendra said...

Sibling conversations are the best. I really need to do a better job of capturing the ones taking place in my household.

Cathy said...

Loved the opportunity to listen in at your breakfast table. What a delightful conversation! As an oldest child, I sometimes feel sorry for our youngest daughter. She never sees her older siblings it seems. As an oldest child, I always had my brothers around.

Dialogue worked well to capture this story.