Excitement Built by Girls

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We bustled into to the buzzing room, dancers everywhere, an organized chaos now familiar. Quickly scanned the room for familiar friends and bright pink tutus and zoned into place.  I unpacked the costume while my little girl checked in with friends, then we sped to the changing area, jostled our way in to the crowded space, and jiggled out of streetwear into foo foo and frills.  We squeaked our way back out stepping and squeezing over and around, till we reached the open stretch then zipped back to a holding pattern of giggling girls, gripping and hugging hands.  They chant and "Jump!  Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!" delighted, dancing circles a  glimmering serpent grows hand by hand and speeds up with slips, squeals, hugs. Then, they hear their call.  Suddenly serious they step forward hand and hand, side by side, a synchronous bloom of pink, ready to dance.
Besties begin the chant!


Laura said...

Ah the organized chaos and ebullience that is suddenly focused in the moment to perform.

Chris Margocs said...

I love the phrase "synchronous bloom of pink"! Your verbs really convey the level of activity in that space.

Carol said...

I love this snapshot of your girls! So precious! I love the foo-foo and frills. Several people have posted slices about dance class this month. You make me wish my kids had been interested in something like this! We just got to do football pads and basketball stuff!