Day 16- Growing Slices

Slice of life post # 16, wow! second half has begun, Today I decided to write about the ways I noticed my kids (my own and from school) suddenly seemed more grown up this week.  

This weekend I sat rocking in the sun with a cup of tea, spiced chai with a dash of milk, steaming in my hand. I was home on sick duty, while my husband and oldest were out.  Charlie was sleeping again, Lila was coloring and singing while watching PBS, and I had this quiet space, on a sunny in the house day, to reflect.  I realized there were several moments this week when I noticed one of "my" kids doing something they hadn't done before and I ticked off a list in my head.

  • Lila, 5 put her own pony holder in her hair working hard with her fingers to keep it from tangling, and it was "all by myself" not "selth".  I sighed when I heard it, another babyism gone by the way of forward growth.
  • M, 3 jumped with 2 feet at the same time and when I reminded him to share the dinosaurs with friends he didn't scream "no!", he said "ok."  
  • Ch, 9.5 had a stomach bug and never once called me in the middle of the night even though he was up several times.  
  • J, 11 stayed at Aunt and Uncles without his brother for the first time.  
  • S, 4 opened her milk carton by herself after trying and trying.  
  • Ca, 4 ish joked  and talked with me every day this week instead of looking at me silently.  
  • H, put on his coat without waiting and asking for unneeded help.  
  • B let me help her without stubborn refusal. 
  • K focused on making letters out of playdough for a loooong time.  
  • Jr 4 learned to catch a ball really well and throw it back to me.  
  • M, G, and L solved their own problem at recess, all I had to do was ask, "what could you change?"
  • Ja, 4 I sang a line or two from "Sweet Baby James" and James said to me in good natured exasperation, "Miss Amy I'm not a baby" 

Gazing at the way the sun almost shines through some of the thick waxy leaves of the plant nearby, an idea dawns, these kiddos are growing up as I sit and type, and go about my day in many various ways.  I am concious, it is not a new idea, but that moment of being fully aware when it happens tingles my skin. . .and these are just the very small moments I saw!  "Imagine the moments I may have missed!" my voice in my head exclaims.  Then I envision how these small moments will continue to grow.   My fantasy, in this moment, is that this is a slice full of mini slices waiting to grow into full sized slices.  Each individual will multiply into several, many tightly bound wedges full of juice, full of flavor, bound with fibers, a seed here or there, round and full. . .


Jaana said...

Sitting outside with spiced chai, that alone makes a jealous! I loved reading about your "kids" and all their accomplishments. Growing up happens so fast; it is good to stop and notice. Wonderful for for this Sunday morning!

LInda Baie said...

Amy, I love your last line, "Each individual will multiply into several, many tightly bound wedges full of juice, full of flavor, bound with fibers, a seed here or there, round and full. . ."
Beautiful analogy. I loved 'hearing' your thoughts.

Judy said...

Yes, our children and grandchildren grow up way too quickly - it seems like the blink of our eyes. My daughter, Michelle, wrote today about watching movies that they had taken of the girls growing up. The girls will be 4 in another month and they loved seeing themselves as babies. Oh, how we need to cherish each moment. Thanks for sharing.

Stacey said...

These are all reasons to celebrate!

BTW: if my daughter would allow me to help her without stubborn refusal, I think that'd be great. (I will be hanging on to that phrase for awhile, Amy.)

Laura said...

Super recall of your noticings. I would like to do that very sort of list at the end of each school day and observe my growing kinder and first graders even closer.
Thank you!