Took a little Trip Today. . .

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A coworker handed me a candy today, about the shape and size of a sweet tart, similar texture.  "They are from England and they are really good."  So I placed it on my tongue and waited, not sour, a little sweet, is that a fizzle?  I didn't even think to ask where she got them, (she hasn't been to England recently) because I was busy taking a trip back in time to sixth grade.  . .

The first picture that came was of those fizz candys that were just a hard candy on the outside, grape or cherry maybe, but they had a not so surprize middle, as the name would suggest.  After working them in your mouth till the outside candy layer was thin, a white fizzy substance would seep out and make my mouth bubble.  Next came the image of pop rocks that created a sensation of mini explosions on my tongue.  We could get them at College Highway Variety along with watermelon Jolly Ranchers and pink lemonade flavored bubble gum.  But that fizz reminded me of pop rocks, and of Jesse.  He sat, a head full of blond curls, in front of me during 6th grade reading class, he was in the front row, me right behind him. Robin was at the desk next to him and Laurie must have been nearby too.

I can still see him turn around to show us his face foaming with laughter and poprocks,  the day he dumped a whole box of rocks, or more in his mouth.  Was it any wonder why Ms. Nathan tried to corall this joyous boy in the front row surrounding him with the "good girls"?  I still laugh at the thought!

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travelinma said...

Poprocks engage all the senses. Is that why they are so memorable and perhaps surprising upon the first try? This post conjures up memories of penny candy too. Thanks.